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"C",  9 year old using the Focus program, Optimal Performance

"C" had an incredible day of testing Cindy - INCREDIBLE.....No fear when getting in the car this afternoon, just so relaxed, told me it was a piece of cake.... I had to do a double take because I wondered who this child was??  That different.  Something is working well - really well.  

BTW - First year in 3 years that I did not have an anxiety ridden girl going to school.  No stress - full day, and a NEW SCHOOL.  I do believe the music is absolutely attributed to that.

"M", with the Focus program Concentration and Attention

"M" has improved markedly since we last communicated. During his most recent parent teacher conference, the teacher said "M" is way ahead of his peers in reading and math and is making friends and is clear in his communication. He is also starting to favor his right hand but still switches, so hand dominance is developing.  He is also following directions at school.

Teenager with ADHD, completed SSP twice and 9 months of Focus programs

  • ​Anxiety significantly reduced, previously could not be in the room on his own-alone

  • Emotional reactivity down, calmer

  • Great with his friends-used to come home complaining of others being mean,  that is vanished, at the park every day with his friends; gets along with everyone; more confident; negative self talk is almost gone

  • No school refusal or reluctance; less moody and grumpy; much less tired-previously was tired every day

  • Transition without difficulty off the computer; biting and chewing on things gone; no more nightmares

  • Teacher reports he is a "different" kid;  is willing to do extra work; said "I like writing now!" 

  • Got up before everyone and got dressed and did his spelling before school

  • Keen to do cricket again; "Lights are back on"

  • And thanks for helping us back to being a happy and relaxed house. It was a long time coming! The other moving thing is that he and his Dad have really reconnected. Their relationship had broken down quite badly. They often play cards together in the evening and it’s amazing to hear them laugh and shriek! 

  • Second round of SSP:He can now tell what is difficult for him, and can explain his struggles.

6 yo with Autism with the SSP 

SSP Connect:

  • We had so much fun during our first session, we saw a variety of emotions from being excited, happy, crying, cuddling, yawning, but most importantly we had been connected and I really enjoyed being with him and was always there for him and at the end he was so sad it finished and wanted to play more music:)

SSP Core;

  • I feel actually he is more calm, we hear a lot of screaming, but it's connected with transition to school and he is so nicely telling us "I am dysregulated"

SSP Balance:

  • He is doing better with expressing his emotions. Eye contact is getting better

7 yo  with Auditory Processing Disorder, delayed motor development, possible  ASD,  dyslexia, ADHD


SSP Core:

  • He loves the SSP! It's the first therapy tool he has actually enjoyed He keeps asking to listen to the music and said it is "so calming and relaxing".  We are starting to see a few changes with his fears reducing and more content.  

Focus Programs

  • With the Sensory motor program:  He is getting better with motor planning and coordination; he is making progress.  Overall endurance is better.  He has more energy than before.  Reading is getting better, still struggles with decoding and tries to guess without looking at all the sounds.  

  • With the Concentration and Attention program:. We just had a checkup with the vision therapist and she said his convergence, eye teaming, and visual perception are near normal. Also, his depth perception has greatly improved. 

Parent testimonial:

We did both ILS Focus and SSP for both of our kids who are 13 and 8 year old. We saw improvement in comprehension for both of our kids. There has been significant improvement in academics for both of our kids. There was improvement in sensory integration and focus in our older son. Cindy helped us a lot in our way and gave advice at every step. It was also fun to spend time with kids and do all the activities.

11 year old with Autism 


  •  We shared a lot smiles and eye contact. It went smooth.

Focus:  Calming with chant and Sensory motor

  • I am seeing some improvement in his anxiety. He is calmer, he is more compliant. He is showing some interest in social interactions with peers. 

13 year old male with  ADHD, auditory and sensory processing issues

SSP Core:

I am seeing a marked change in feeling connected to him.  It also is a seemingly  good way to pull him out of his irritable mood. Mom says, “He is different when he is done”.  He is able to connect with Mom in conversation, look in the eye and be happier.   

SSP  Balance:

Playing games every night has helped him be so much calmer.  He used to watch hours and hours of TV and now he does not have to be entertained and is not angry. 

Focus program  Concentration and Attention:

“It’s so interesting to watch him grumble about putting on the music, but after a few minutes he’s smiling and telling me about last nights class at church and learning to sign his name.  It’s as if his brain wakes up and the real boy comes out to express himself.  He’s cheerful and sharing.  He is very slow in the morning but he is fine once the music is on him.  “Yesterday was a snow day and he asked to do work that he was behind on!”.  

Focus program Reading and Auditory:

Homework time has been cut in half.  He is doing so well in math.  He is having more empathy, asking to help, picking up after the dog, helping the kitchen, helping with brother, asking what he can do to help.  His reading comprehension has gone from poor to fair.  He is listening 3-5 hours a week.  He is completing extra curricular work without any distress.  “He is doing unbelievably great.  I had no idea he would change so much. “

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