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Cindy Dawkins

I'm a veteran Occupational Therapist, living in the United States, serving my clients remotely across the world. I have a passion for connecting with parents to give them the resources to help their children, who struggle with differences, to stand out with their best qualities.    

Cindy Dawkins
Cool Headphones


It's a listening program

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an evidence-based listening therapy designed to reduce sound sensitivities and improve auditory processing, behavioral state regulation, and social engagement behaviors through filtered music. As a practical application of Polyvagal Theory, the SSP acts as a non-invasive, acoustic vagal nerve stimulator, helping to re-tune the nervous system to better support connection, collaboration and resilience. The SSP involves listening to specially filtered music through headphones alongside a a co-regulator. Suitable for children and adults, the SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences and more.

ILS (Integrated Listening System)

It's a multisensory listening program

The ILS is a multisensory auditory intervention using specially-treated music and movement to support brain integration and skill-building for a wide variety of clients with sensory-motor and neurodevelopmental challenges.


ILS programs provide simultaneous multisensory input  (auditory, visual motor and vestibular) to help develop new, and reinforce existing, neural pathways governing organization of the body and brain function.

Specially-treated music is delivered via air and bone conduction headphones, providing auditory input to the brain and sensory input to the body. Recommended movement activities provide additional sensory and motor input for body organization.

Mother and Daughter Having Fun
Father and Son Playing


Serving families, building confidence, learning skills for co-regulation and calming the nervous system for one another is more important now than ever.  Helping therapists determine effective strategies and methods for treatment that affect families is a skill developed through years of experience. 

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